Hampton Roads Homestay

Homestay Information

Our homes provide a private bedroom, shared bath and the following:
Bed, Desk, Lamp, Linens, Closet, Chair, Internet Connection, House Phone, Laundry Facilities, Continental Breakfast and Dinner if you choose our Meals Program. 
We are within minutes to Old Dominion University.
Some of our homes allow smoking, some will have pets.
Call us or email to find out what we have available.

We will select the home that best matches your application and our availability.

Family Homestay Fees as of November 1, 2011:

Private room                      $600/month
Private bathroom               $90/month
Add Breakfast                     $65/month
Add Dinner                         $235/month
Add Kitchen Privileges       $90/month

A private furnished room with a shared bath including breakfast and dinner    $900
A private furnished room with a private bath including breakfast and dinner    $990

A non-refundable Placement Fee of $300 is required to secure your homestay reservation.  No reservation will be held without the homestay fee in advance.

Contracts can be short or long, however, we have a minimum of 2 months or the length of one ELC Session.  Some homestays require a minimum 6 month period.  Payment is required in advance of the move-in date and prior to any following extension date as stated in the individuals contract or extension.

How to apply
1.    Email us to check on current availability @ info@hamptonroadshomestay.com
2.    Request our application form, guidelines and basic information
3.    Pay your placement fee online or have a friend mail it in
4.    Request your homestay contract to review the fees to have on hand upon arrival
5.    Return the signed homestay contract and advise us of your final arrival date
6.    Have a safe journey to your new home!
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